We are pleased to serve our overseas customers.

At Client Partners we are pleased to serve our overseas customers. Please contact us using the contact form.

Overseas media requests

We are responsive to media coverage, and have so far participated in reports from 10 countries. From press and media coverage, please contact us through this form.


Contact form

Thank you for your inquiry.
Please be aware it may take up to 3~4 days for us to reply.
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Privacy Policy

We will write contracts for customers requiring non-disclosure agreements.

We take the protection of our customers’ private information extremely seriously. “Private information” refers to that such as name, age, workplace, address, telephone number, e-mail addresses etc., which can identify individuals.
●Obtaining personal information
To make use of our services, there may be cases that we will ask for the customer’s personal information.
●Purpose of use
All personal information obtained from the customer will be used for the purpose of their requested service and will be limited within the company.
●Management of Data
We manage our data in a safe environment so that 3rd parties cannot gain access to private information we have obtained from customers, and hence cannot destroy, falsify, or disclose privacy.
The personal information provided by customers will not be passed on to 3rd parties without their prior understanding, excluding cases determined by law.
●Regarding the release/amendment/deletion of personal information
Should customers wish to inquire, revise or delete personal information, they should allow appropriate amendments to be taken in each case following presentation of proper identification.